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Wedding photographers in the Houston area

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Alamo City Photography

(210) 621-7281

You won't find any gimmicks or high pressure sales pitches here. I won't try and convince you that I'm the best photographer out there. What you will find is someone who is real, honest, loves photography, and truly enjoys capturing your memories!

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Daniel W Torres Photography

(210) 472-2088

Wedding day and engagement photography

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Michelle Jones Photography

(210) 482-0632

Long after the music has stopped, the cake eaten and the decorations tossed, your photos are all that remain to remember the day that you spent so much time and resources on. It takes only hours to see your year of planning play out. So, it’s important to get this part right, the photographs. After all, there are no do-overs on this day.

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Robert Benites Photography

(210) 325-1251

We’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in driving traffic through creative design and engaging customer engagement through both traditional and digital means. Whether it be through website creation, cinematography, photography, or email marketing. We will work with your company or brand to both build and execute and cohesive marketing strategy.

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Say Zees Photography & Video Productions

(210) 403-9337

Your special moments,your joy,your laughter are to be remembered through your photographs for many years and your generations to come. We share the same goals and would love to be a part of your joy and your memories.

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Jenny DeMarco Photography

(512) 547-3721

Jenny DeMarco blends stylish portraiture with creative documentary photography. She creates stunningly beautiful imagery that is also meaningful and heartfelt. Jenny has been photographing professionally since 2009 and is known for her friendly and warm personality, and her devotion to her exclusive clientele.

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Forever Photography Studio

(512) 497-1004

Forever Photography specializes in destination weddings and events all over the world. We are excited you stopped by to check out our portfolio. Stay a while!!

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Dustin Finkelstein Photography

(512) 850-7460

My name is Dustin Finkelstein and I started this photography company for three reasons. I want to connect with each and every client on a personal level, provide a uniquely tailored experience, and offer unmatched quality service.I was given a camera as child, and once I picked it up I never put it back down.

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Pearlsnap Photography

(512) 560-6922

I am so glad you found Pearlsnap Photography! Feel free to take a look around and hopefully you’ll fall in love with my approach to capturing marriage celebrations of all kinds.

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Holly Marie Photography

(512) 740-3693

Couples who make fun a priority for each other and their guests - not just on their wedding day but every day. They embrace the fleeting nature of their celebration and can't wait to indulge in it. Couples who revel in those paramount, unbelievable moments that happen in this season of their lives.

Get the best deal

Many couples find it useful to compare several options. It makes it easier to understand pricing with several quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal. Our top-rated Houston photographers are ready to provide you with a quick quote - make sure you get a good deal.

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Local Wedding Photographers

Sometimes, a professional photographer can rank low on a wedding budget. This decision is something a couple invariably regrets. Wedding photographs are memories for generations to come. Putting a camera into the hands of a friend can turn into a disaster. With wedding photos, there are no second chances, so make the first one count.

It’s best to pinch pennies elsewhere, such as engraved invitations, and invest in an excellent professional photographer. Wedding photography involves more than just snapping pictures. Wedding photos tell the unique story of your love. This is not the time for so-so pictures with bad lighting. You want all the emotions to come through. A father walking his daughter down the aisle is a story in itself.

Should your budget truly demands it, hire a professional photographer for part of the day only, such as the ceremony. This will ensure that all of the important moments are captured forever. Then, you can risk having a friend photograph you dancing at the reception.

Your wedding photographs are a treasure that will be enjoyed by your friends, children, and grandchildren. It’s what memories are made of. Our selection of wedding photographers will ensure that you end up with the exact pictures you want. Each photographer has his or her own, unique style, so take a look at our photographers’ portfolios. Will your wedding be glamorous, casual, or traditional? You want a photographer who can capture the essence of your special day. Click on those photography vendors that best capture your dream wedding and find out more about them. Don’t settle for photos. Choose a wedding photographer who can create a lifetime of memories.

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