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Wedding jewelers in the Seattle area

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EE Robbins wedding vendor preview

EE Robbins

(206) 826-7464

Unlike many other jewelers, EE Robbins specializes exclusively in engagement and wedding rings. Many of the rings are designed and manufactured by EE Robbins. The jeweler also offers several unique designer lines. Aside from the Belltown location, EE Robbins also has stores in Bellevue and Tacoma.

Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler wedding vendor preview

Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler

(425) 454-9393

Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler carries hundreds of engagement rings and wedding bands. The wide variety of offerings includes many famous brands recognizable from leading bridal magazines.

Fancy wedding vendor preview


(206) 956-2945

Fancy specializes in producing custom, high quality, modern jewelry that is 100% handmade. In addition to producing their own jewelry, Fancy carries a wide variety of items created by artists and independent designers.

Goldmine Design Jewelers wedding vendor preview

Goldmine Design Jewelers

(206) 622-3333

Goldmine Design Jewelers is a small workshop located in the heart of Seattle. The jeweler will work one-on-one with the customers to create unique pieces based on the clients preferences and tastes.

Grayling Jewelry wedding vendor preview

Grayling Jewelry

(503) 548-4979

Grayling is paradise for jewelry lovers! Every piece. Gemstone pendants, architectural earrings, cocktail rings and layered bracelets—is handmade on site.

Twist Portland wedding vendor preview

Twist Portland

(503) 224-0334

TWISTonline is the most sophisticated collection of well-curated designer jewelry including Cathy Waterman, Eva Fehren, Pamela Love and Jamie Joseph.

Harlow Jewelry wedding vendor preview

Harlow Jewelry

(503) 250-4247

I love working with primarily women owned small business and being able to offer jewelry that is pretty, affordable, and handcrafted quality. It's important for me to give back, so I do that purposefully. I believe we are all in this thing together, and I hope to do my part.

Packouz Jewelers wedding vendor preview

Packouz Jewelers

(503) 228-3111

With a continued legacy of the finest jewelry and unsurpassed customer service, Packouz Jewelers has continued to bring a tradition of elegance and sophistication to Portland for 100 years and counting.

Malka Diamonds & Jewelry wedding vendor preview

Malka Diamonds & Jewelry

(503) 222-5205

All our work is done on-site, providing exceptional service and value in an easy, approachable environment.

Alchemy Jeweler wedding vendor preview

Alchemy Jeweler

(503) 227-8373

Custom Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing / Fine Designer Jewelry / Jewelry Restoration and repair

Get the best deal

Many couples find it useful to compare several options. It makes it easier to understand pricing with several quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal. Our top-rated Seattle jewelers are ready to provide you with a quick quote - make sure you get a good deal.

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Local Wedding Rings and jewelry

Your wedding ring is the visual symbol of eternal love you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life. It’s a simple round band, yet there are so many styles from which to choose. Our selection of wedding jewelers can help you narrow your choice. You’ll find a wide array of wedding ring styles from major retailers such as Amazon at our Wedding Store. Personal shopping at its finest.

With all these choices, choosing the right ring can be overwhelming. Do you go with diamonds or another gem? Platinum or gold? No need to panic, because the metals don’t have to match. This is where a trusted wedding jeweler can be your best friend.

You will be wearing your engagement and wedding rings for a lifetime. Look for bands that work together. A good combination is to opt for a simple wedding band if the engagement ring is elaborate, and a more crafted design for the wedding ring if the engagement ring has a plain design.

Also, consider your lifestyle. If you work with your hands a lot, the simpler your wedding ring, the happier and more comfortable you will be in the long run.

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