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Rent Some Vintage

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"Rent Some Vintage was started from a combined love of weddings and vintage.

When vintage started showing up in weddings everywhere, we wanted to help brides, photographers and event planners with the items they were looking for to create the look they wanted for their events. The search began for one-of-a-kind vintage items that will make your events the creation you have in mind.

We strive to have a variety of options available at the most economical prices and work within your time frame. Whether through our user friendly web site or a visit to our showroom, Rent Some Vintage can reserve the items you are looking for within the time frame you need them."

Rent Some Vintage is one of the wedding rentals in Plantersville and offers wedding rentals services.

Wedding Rentals Packages and Prices

We are happy to put together a package for you. The exact price depends on several factors such as the date of the event, specific services included, number of hours spent at the event, etc.

Most packages and pricing can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Click below to get a personalized quote.


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